Engagement shoot: Mhike and Michelle

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Having a day job and being a photographer on the side is one hell of a mess with time especially when your dayoff only comes once a week.  Good thing  Mhike and Michelle decided to have the shoot at 4:30 in the morning when the sun is not yet out and the moon is about to sleep. We started shooting in Burj Al Arab, every couple wants to shoot here. Client wants, Client gets. 

OOOhh the wind. Love to soften that light from the sb900 but i don’t want to risk my light modifiers and go Mary Poppin’ with my softbox, more so with my  60 inch umbrella. So hard light is the way to go.

After the Burj Al Arab, we went straight to jumeirah park. I shot most in natural light since its one of the best times of the day to shoot. Im a sucker for wide aperture, Dreamy effect kind of shots to avoid those distracting backgrounds.  Wanted to use a reflector, but i need a VARH (voice activated reflector holder) or a second person to have it working. 

I have more engagement shoots to come. If you have any suggestions on location best for engagement shoots, please let me know. I want a location that woundn’t cost me a fortune or comes for FREE will be much better.


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