AB1600 Light test

My Alienbees AB1600 arrived yesterday after 15 days of shipping thanks to Eyjafjallajökull Volcano. I’ve been using the sb-900 for a year now,  the size of the AB1600  flash scares me and the power of it at 640 watts compared to sb-900’s 125 watts per second. At full power, the sb900 can give you an aperture of  f8 at a given distance of at least 3 ft from the subject. The Ab1600 can give you an aperture of  f16 at a given distance.*

I need this much power because working with outdoor portraits in daylight needs to overpower the sun.  This is the the right light that i’ll be needing in some of my works. HA! Say hello to my ab1600 you arabian sun!

It’s 11 pm and i just can’t wait to test it.  Much thanks to my model for the shoot! Angel, my lovely girlfriend.

This is shot indoor (in our receiving room with white walls) at F11 1/250th ISO 200  flash power 1/4th. I can go up to f16 by cranking the flash power to 1/2 but my eyes are already satisfied with what i see. So this will do for now. AB1600 flash camera right and reflector camera left as fill.

* These are just my observations based on my equipment. There are other factors that needs to be considered like the distance of light to the subject and the light modifier used. I used a lastolite 15x 15 cm softbox for this.

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