Do you recall memories of your high school days?

I love those moments you get to share at the last days of your high school life.

I was commissioned by a family for the coverage of their son’s graduation. I enjoyed every moment of it except maybe when you get to push your way through a crowd of parents trying to get some decent shot.

* Mom and Dad’s happy moment!

I’m shooting with prime lenses. I have a not so wide 35 mm f2 and an 85 mm 1.4(I am was a sucker for BOKEH so i bought the f1.4. If only i’d knew better back then i could have chosen the 1.8 over the 1.4). I have a D700 and I’m shooting from ISO 800-1600 and still get good prints. I have to make sure to get a sharp photo so i crank up the ISO to 800-3200 so that my shutter speed can compensate with the focal length of my lens at 85. I shoot at around 1/90th- 1/125th to make sure i wouldn’t get blurry images. I shot most of the picture in available light.

I did use my sb900 for some of the images but using it on camera isn’t really giving you the best result. So what i did was rig the Sb900, use my 60″ umbrella  and call people to where i setup the rig. It was like an impromtu photobooth! and my client loves it!!!

In events like this, It’s important to be ready for moments that are to unravel. Of course i have shots like posing the family for their group portraits. But what I’m really after are those moments that can never be seen again after that given instance.


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