TIME CHECK: 11 pm. looking around Deira City Center for a 24 mm 2.8 prime lens. Unfortunately, it’s out of stock here in Dubai. I checked all stores and they even called their warehouses to see if they have remaining stocks. Oh well, guess i have to wait for next months stock in to get my first wide angle lens.

While drooling over 24-70 2.8 in one of the stores, I happen to notice an Orbis ringflash piled up with other lighting modifiers.   I have heard positive reviews with the orbis so i didn’t have second thoughts buying it. If I buy it through the internet it will cost me $199 (orbis) + $59 (arm bracket) and another $35 for shipping (more info HERE). I bought mine roughly $210.

I was too excited to use it! When i got home, the first thing i did was mount the Orbis unto my flash and camera and start shooting. These are sample photos taken with the Orbis. I love the hard and defined light that it gives out. no way i can achieve this type of lighting with a bare flash even if its off camera flash. One more thing that i like about it, circle reflection from the eyes.

Will try it more in the upcoming photo shoots! looking at the sample photos, i think i’m in need of a hair cut! =P

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