Alexia M.

I like things simple and clean. I stay away from distracting backgrounds.  I make sure that all the awkwardness will be out of the picture. I want the person to be calm, comfortable and relaxed. As much as possible I want to capture what is present and will not add any other element to distract the viewers attention away from the person. I don’t need to say, “this is what you must do!”  I’d rather say,  “Stay calm and be yourself , let’s see what we get.”  The question that  I ask most of the time would be: “Are you comfortable?” Because if your subject isn’t in any way comfortable, It will show in the picture. Trust me.  I’ve been there and have done/experienced that.

Some notes on the shoot.

natural light with reflector.

It woudn’t be complete without some good old B&W.


Then let’s add some lights! and some movements!  I wanted her to jump as high as she can but this photo turned out a lot better and with a more relaxed kind of mood.

Of course, i wouldn’t miss a headshot with my speedlight. Speedlight in a 15 inch softbox + reflector.

 and some tomboyISH pose with a face like hers still looks feminine. Just like i said during the shoot, “some jeans ad.” =P

 Here’s the shot where she looks a lot like Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter).

A change in perspective is always refreshing.

 Thanks to Alexia M. for enduring the very humid weather on that day.  It’s been a great pleasure working with you.  We will do another one out in the desert when the weather is a lot more suitable for it.

Muchos gracias Alexia!  

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. So let me know what you think. (^_^)

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