Group Shots

I was asked to photograph a stylish group. I only used one light for all these shots. It’s not only that I could afford 1 light but this can easily be set up in less than a minute. The temperature here in Dubai is almost 50* centigrade and humidity at around 40.

The thing I need to remember is that, ” The larger the light source, the softer the light.” In group shots, I will use a large lighting modifier in order for the light to hit the whole group in such a manner that the exposure will be the same across the frame and of course because of the softer light. Also note that i will not shoot less than aperture 5.6 because it will make other parts of the photo to be blurred. In a group, we need all their faces to be sharp. We can have other photos to be blurred, but that’s another story. That’s where creativity comes in.   

Here are some of the photos.

That’s Alienbees inside a 60 inch Umbrella.

 Still using the umbrella here

I bounced the light unto the white ceiling to give me an evenly spread light to everyone.

Here’s a groupshot with an orbis ringflash. Fitting a group into a 35 mm lens is quite a challenge. This is the only wide angle i have for now. I came from the school of thought that I must use only what i have and purchase anything else with the profit i get from jobs I take later on. 

Umbrella 60″

Bare flash from behind

and some grid spot.

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