Misha D.

I came across Misha through an online advertisement. She was looking for photographers that could do some portfolio update for her. At the same time, i posted some advertisement looking for people to work with in order for me exercise my photography skills. I’m a person who doesn’t want to be vacant for quite some time. Not that I don’t have any upcoming projects. It’s the urge of being creative and doing something for yourself  not because you need to get paid. I am into photography because i LOVE making photos. It’s not because I get some money out of it.  I want to exercise my creativity that’s why I work with people even if  it’s of no charge.  Of course i get a lot of paid works but these kinds of works restricts your creativity. The client wants some photos that he thinks is best for him but not what’s best for you.

 That’s why it’s always better to shoot what you love. If you shoot what you love and show these photos through your portfolio or online gallery, people will hire you because of what you shoot. Don’t let the client dictate the job for you. Also, if you love what you’re doing, even if it takes you 8 hours for a photo shoot, you’ll never get tired of doing something you love. If this happens, all the monetary things will be just like a bonus to what you are already doing.  

I only do this when I feel like it and wanting some squeeze in my creative juice.

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