Jed Madela performs in Dubai

I was the official photographer for Jed Madela’s Event last August 5 and 6, 2010.

Let me list my crazy thoughts on how I got the shots.

CAM SETTING:  1/25oth, f3.3 ISO 400.

I brought all my gear for the photo shoot but when i arrived at the location, the room can only accommodate my 28″ Softbox and a person to hold a reflector. So, i was left to do a simple head shot with what I have. As usual, its 45* from the subject and reflector on the other side to lessen those shadows.

For the first photo, I should have gone down to ISO 200 and close down my aperture to F4 in order to have more of his face in focus. But since I only had a few minutes to do this, I stayed with the setting and just  concentrated on how  I would be able to frame the shot.

*tip: Always ask your subject to look anywhere but the camera.  Count to three and have them look towards the camera. This way, you will get that MOMENT of connection with the subject and the camera/photographer. My philosophy: it’s like glancing at the person(stalker) staring at you for a long time. This is the only time when the stalker will be able to have a visual connection with its victims. lol!

shutter speed: 1/125th, f1.4 ISO 800

I am always after photos that no other photographer will have. During the event, there were photographers using on camera flash. I want to be different, so i took out the sb900 mounted on my camera pumped up my ISO from 800- 2200 and played with the aperture from 2.8-1.4. A wide open aperture will give you a distinct separation of the subject from your background.

Shutter speed:1/250th, aperture 1.4 ISO 1600

Shutter speed 1/60th, aperture 2.8 ISO 1100

I don’t own a zoom lens. Why? Because i can’t afford one yet(24-70 2.8). Maybe in the future.  All I have for now are prime lenses.  It’s a lot more affordable and lightweight. the only problem is that changing lenses attract dusts that will lead to dust bunnies on your sensor. That being said, I have  practiced and mastered the art of sensor cleaning. Materials needed for sensor cleaning will only cost me 60 aed (20 USD). If brought to the dealership it will take a week and 300 aed(90 USD).

shutter speed 1/6th. aperture 4 ISO 400

This is an on camera technique called rear curtain sync.. This shot gives you the idea of movement. You wont be able to capture this shot with a shutter speed  of 1/250th/ slow it down to 1/60th to 1 sec. Then you’ll have this type of exposure. My flash was set to ttl since there was no time to adjust the setting when you’re on the dance floor with people bumping you from all sides. I was just 2 feet away from the stage so TTL is still accurate at this distance.

Here are the other shots with the same technique

shutterspeed 1/3rd,  f4 ISO 400

Shutterspeed 1/3rd f4 ISO 400

I love the challenge of making the shot.

Always think outside the box and make your photographs standout from the rest of the DSLR camera owners out there.

There were  photographers present during this event and on camera flash is there thing. Not for me. I try to make my images differ from thousands of photographers out there. So, since  every other lad is using on camera flash,  I removed my sb900 and just pump that ISO  from 1600 – 2600, playing with aperture  from f2.8 to f1.4 and shutter speed equal or more than the focal length to avoid camera shakes. This kind of setting makes me shoot faster (without waiting for the flash recycling time). At f2.8 to f1.4 it gives total isolation of the subject from background. I got shots that are grainy because of the high ISO setting.

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