Bangkok, Thailand

August 27-30, 2010. Destination: Bangkok,Thailand. My first time to be in another Asian country aside from the Philippines. I only packed my d700 and 2 prime lenses specifically the 24mm 2.8 and 35 mm f2. I wanted to bring more but I don’t want to have a hard time at the airport security or customs checking my luggage for things they’d think I’ll be selling for profit. That’s why always pack light.

Dubai airport terminal three.

I brought the WA lenses to get more into the frame. Bringing a zoom or a telephoto will wear me down because of its bulkiness and weight. The prime lenses are known for its portability and its lightweightNESS. I only need  to adjust a few steps in order for me to adjust the frame. Using prime lenses makes me more versatile and creative when it comes to perspective because I get to work around my subject due to the lack of zoom option.

Love the Thai cuisine. The distinct flavor separates it from any bland tasting food of the middle east.(ImO) And yes, it’s very affordable!

Buddhism is the majority of religion here. To attain Nirvana (enlightenment and not the popular rock band) is the main goal of Buddhism. Once you attain this, you are one with the world and will be at peace with any living creature even the bloodsucking Mosquitos won’t be killed by the enlightened one.

More temples:

And more buddhas:

Don’t you just find it funny when someone tries to imitate your smile.  😉

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