My visit back to the Philippines was not a very pleasant one since my beloved Nikon D700 got stolen along with other gears including the battery pack, extra battery, 50 mm 1.8d and my favorite 35 mm f2d placed inside a 6 million dollar Crumpler bag.

I was too devastated right after the incident but  I needed to accept the fact that my gear will no longer be recovered and have to move on working as a photographer utilizing any camera available. The sad fact is, I don’t have a backup camera. I bought that camera + gears by working with a 9-6 job for 2 years. I

bought that camera  to in order for me to deliver the best quality photos for all my clients. It never failed. never did.  I worked really hard for it and it’s hard for me to accept that a person will do evil just to have the money they want instantly.

I appeal to everyone buying second-hand DSLRs  to make sure that the camera/lenses are not from a stolen source because if people starts to buy stolen gear it will in

crease the number of cases like this. Thieves will see it as a very rewarding thing to sell. If people do give in to the very low prices of stolen gears in order to cut back on expenses this kind of cycle will continue and thus furthering the problem of stolen gears as it will increase the number of thieves out to hunt for gears to sell in the market. If this kind of cycle happens, your gear (even if you buy them from a stolen source) will be the next target for thieves. SO PLEASE DO NOT BUY STOLEN PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR.

A good friend named A.R. was kind enough to understand what I’m going through and  lent me his d90 + a few lenses in order for me to get back my motivation to shoot. I was able to use his camera temporarily until I got the finances to purchase another D700. I won’t be able to buy the lenses and the battery pack immediately but I’m getting there. I am fortunate enough to still have my clients call me for photography services thus giving me enough reason to stay in business.

I would like to thank a number of people who has helped me during these hard times. To my family, who has always been there to support me in whatever I do in life. Raul, thanks for lending me a few equipment. AR, I might have gone crazy if I wasn’t able to hold a camera for a month. To my beloved Angel who has been there to understand and support me through these hard times. You have always been there for me no matter what and I love you for that. You will always be the light to my photography.

To Our Almighty Father, Who will always be there for us no matter what. I have faith in You.

A few photos taken with the D90 during those down times.



  1. HI SA,

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