How old is your gear?

I stumbled upon Geavity website while  I was browsing for a site to store all those serial numbers of my gear.  Geavity is a website where you can place all your gear and include all the serial numbers too! The good thing about this site is you can show your gear to other people via a Widget.

Widgets are ways to flaunt what you have. The features I’m really after is the storing of serial numbers and  the timeline. How many times did someone ask me when i bought my gear? or how long did I have this and that? I really can’t remember because once i buy my gear i am more interested in playing with the new toy and storing the receipt in a box to a place where the sun rarely shines or somewhere in the closet under a stack of boxes. So this feature is really helpful if you want to sell your gear and check Geavity on how old your gear is.

After you create your account HERE, add me up. Who knows, I might be interested with your gear in the near future. Just in case it’s up for sale in a very affordable price and in pristine condition.

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