A Deeper Meaning of Photography.

“May I Feel, Said He” – Rodney Smith on Photographers and Models and Photography

To succeed, we must fall in love, take the pictures, and then slowly take deep breaths, realizing who we are, and walk slowly away from the edge.

So very true.

“Sure is better than reading about ‘bokeh’ or some other such nonsense.”

-DOn Giannatti

Here’s my take on this.

Most of the time, photographers tend to forget what photography is all about. They focus more on the technical side and the professionals, they focus on the monetary value rather than the intrinsic value photography gives us.

When I started photography, I read my manual from front to back and vice versa in 10 different languages. Then moved on to books about photography.  I have tons of books, ebooks that is, since Dubai wouldn’t allow me to collect them in a shelf because of constricted places as well as shipping it back home would cost me a lot. So having an ebook format is much more convenient. But what really caught my attention reading books on photography  is how each photographer fell in love with the craft. How they captured each moment that went by. There are photographers that would wait hours just to get the best light of the day. There are those that will travel the world in order for them to take photos of people from different cultures and come back home, print their photos and look at it for rest of their lives.

There is a photographer that caught my attention and he touches my heart every time I look at the photos he made.  It’s Phillip Toledano and his work regarding his relationship with his father and the last days they spent together. He made this not because there’s a big money involved. He made it as a journal for himself. Because he is in love and wants to preserve the memories forever. Click HERE for more info on his work. It makes me want to go back home and just take photos of my family.

Let’s look way past BOKEH, lenses, cameras, shutter speed and aperture to get the real meaning of photography. Photography is a connection of one human being to ANOTHER through the use of a camera. Your camera is just a tool that connects you to another being. It’s like explaining the world to another through your photographs.

People will always ask me how I made the photo. Tell you honestly, most of the time I will not remember what f-stop or shutter speed my camera was at. But I will always remember the moment when I took the shot, where I was, and the feeling it gave me right after I pressed the shutter.

All I can say is,

“Shoot what you love, this way you will never get tired of having a camera on your hands and seeing what you love in front of you is one of the greatest pleasures you’ll have for the rest of your life.”

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