Lighting Diagram.

I’ve been shooting a lot of movements lately as requested by my client. Here are shots from the studio and just outside my home. A lighting diagram is attached herewith in order for people to know what lighting i have used. The First photo was shot with two lights. One for the BG and the other for the subject. Both lights are ab1600 (alienbees) inside  a 28 ” umbrella. IN order for us to get a separation from the subject and the background. there should be no light spills to the BG.  I also have raised the light on the background to 1 stop in order to have the subject-background distinction. Also, the light on the background has a 20 degree gridspot in order to have that bright spot it the center.

Sorry guys, the diagram tool is giving me a hard time constructing the light on a boom stand. Due to that, i won’t be able to explain the following setups in a diagram way. To make things short, the other two photos were shot with the light over the subject.

If you would like to make your own lighting diagram please click here.


Special thanks to Bianca and Mayne for being patient whenever I ask them to repeat the action again and again just to make the shot. 😉 


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