A Simple Wedding

A couple requested for photos done for about 45 minutes of their Wedding Ceremony. How much I love to capture moments that people will look back to after like 10 or even 20 years of their lives.

Here we are at Jumeirah open beach where my camera meets salty winds that will surely corrode metallic parts of my camera if not cleaned well. I make use of WD-40 to clean the metallic part where your lens and camera meets. I read it online on how to take good care of your gear every after a shoot on the beach.

White balance check: Cloudy. No harsh sunlight at 4:30 in the afternoon (UAE sun is up until around 6pm). But I have used Flash WB since i’ll be working with an on camera flash. This is the first time I have done on camera Flash in order for me to darken the ambient light and make the subject pop. I was shooting at around 1/1,500 shutter speed and at f5.6. Yes, it is possible and here’s an example:

These images were with on camera flash.

The following images are with an off Camera flash triggered by alienbees wireless cybersyncs. Shutterspeed is around 1/250th max sync speed and aperture f13 (to darken the ambient light). I had a person hold my sb900 speedlight in a 15 inch Lastolite Softbox near the subject to make sure that the light would hit my subject even at f13. BTW, flash is at full power.

The only problem with using a small modifier to light people is that the lower part of the body seems to be darker than the upper that’s because light from is not able to reach that low since its a 15 inch softbox. I wont be able to use a big umbrella like a 60 inch because remember that I am at the beach. WINDY. I don’t want my sb900 to go wind sailing with that big modifier.

Most people prefers a simple wedding done here in Dubai and the BIG Wedding will take place in either the groom or the bride home country. 😉


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