Fatman Scoop

‎”You got a 50 dollar bill get ya hands up…Single ladies I can’t hear ya’ll…Single ladies make noise!!” that’s Fatman Scoop for yah!

Still shooting available light in live performances inside PEOPLE nightclub. Whenever i use flash, a hazy, foggy picture appears in my exposure due to smoke from cigars. Using flash in a nightclub setting only looks good when the subject is 2-6 ft away.

I had a slight fever while shooting this event. When i got home at around 3:00 am, i took a shower, finished editing and went to bed. I was in bed the whole day since working worsened my feverish situation. Lesson learned: do not work in situations like this. It’s much better to call on fellow photographers to cover for you rather than sacrificing your health for work.


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