Corporate: noontime fun under the arabian sun

This month has been a busy month for me that I didn’t have the time to update my blog for new projects in photography.

So let me see what i still have in my hard drive and post a few here. I had a Corporate headshot done in Jumeirah Beach Hotel Marina for a General Manager of one of the biggest yacht line in the UAE.

So here’s the briefing of the said project:

Job Description: headshot for corporate boss

Time: 10:30- 12 noon (yes that’s right! its noontime fun under the arabian sun)

The worst time of day to take portraits! If only we could choose the time of day where we can shoot a headshot but these guys are busy people. You’ve only got a few minutes to take the shot and then off they go to do their thing with their daily lives. Tell you honestly, i shot this project for less than 45  minutes. 15 minutes to prepare the lighting, 15 minutes to think of possible exposures and 15 minutes to get it right. Good thing I had Lester, a fellow photographer who had some time to spare and willing to help me out with the shoot.

For the first shot, they wanted to have the Yacht as part of the frame. Mixing with a 640 watts alienbees at full power, Using a small aperture of f16 will get that done and shutter speed at 1/250th iso 200 for the crispiest detail.  

After shooting outdoor, we went inside the office and took a few more shots so they have a variety of photos to choose from. I chose this photo as the best shot indoor. The office was a little tight on space so I just made use of the space i got.

After about shooting for 30 minutes, they felt that it’s enough and it’s time to get back to work. But I’m still not satisfied with what i shot so i insisted of one more shot wherein it’s tightly focused on the face of the GM which is what most corporate figures use whenever their photos are needed in publications. For the last shot, it looked like this.

I shot about 20-30 photos. Hope it’s enough for them to use it for whatever purpose it might be. 😉


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