A few from Jakarta, Indonesia

I wanted to travel Asia and found the cheapest destination from my home country as it brought me to Jakarta, Indonesia. My travel companion: Canon G12.

Bikes. considered the fastest way of transportation in this congested city infamous of its traffic.

I’ve stayed for about a week in Jakarta. 3 Different hotels. So far Glodok Plaza Hotel was the best one at 32 USD per night. That includes noise from an ongoing construction next door that starts at around 5 a.m. *sigh*
Beneath the Hotel was a shopping mall. Primary goods sold here: Pirated DVDs at 1 usd per disc. Secondary goods sold here: Pirated DVD games and software at $3 per disc. Now I have MS OFFICE:MAC  2011 installed. :p
My travel wouldn’t be complete without trying the local cuisine. This is where I tried the best NAsi Goreng. I don’t have a photo because it wasn’t in a posh restaurant or a foodcourt inside a mall. It’s where the local public drivers dine, where there will be kids asking for alms from time to time so it wasn’t really the safest place to bring a camera.
This is called Mie Goreng. They consider green/red chilli peppers as vegetable toppings. You have no idea how spicy one small green pepper is!  Had a camera this time as the location was within a mall.
This is called Tofu Bakso. I have no idea what the ingredients were (except for the tofu) but the tofu looks like a scrotum in a cold weather.  LoL =)
Hotel Lobby  at Sheraton, Bandara. My last few days were a lot more comforting since I got to stay at Sheraton Hotel away from the busy urban life.
Some Place Else. I wonder where will the elevator take me?
Seeing these lovely ladies of Emirates Airlines welcomes me back to Dubai.
I really love the one on the right. :p

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