AD Photo

My photo of the famous Philippine Actress Ms. Aubrey Miles is now displayed at Shobra shop Burdubai Branch, Dubai U.A.E. It’s been a pleasure working with her and her partner Cody Miller (aka Troy Montero). They have been one of the best people I have worked with!  At first,  I thought being in the Film Industry, Actors will be snobbish and act as if they are the new kings and queens of this era which in the end, they actually proved me wrong. I am humbled by their humility. Cody is a soft spoken person who sits in one corner just observing and talks a little from time to time. He grew up in the US but residing in the Philippines in order to be with Aubrey and their son Hunter (such a cute and smart kid). Aubrey on the other hand, is a outgoing person who loves to travel. She has just been to Malaysia, Spain and currently in Singapore while i’m writing this. For a person who has graced the covers of almost all the Philippine Magazine including FHM and Playboy, She is a total down-to-earth person. She enjoy things that will make her happy. One good thing that i’ve noticed about her is that she laughs and  smiles a lot which made my job a lot easier!

This is the actual photo displayed at Shobra Shop Dubai. Special thanks to Ali (Shobra Shop Owner) for making this happen.

I’m not the one that chose the black and white background that looks like a kitchen floor.  Here’s the original image:

I can’t get a better view for this one because it’s covered with Ramadan promotions.

Below is the original image I shot.

I would love to do more of this in the future.

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