Profile for a book

Mrs. Rhea. She owns a school in India and has been chosen to be featured in an upcoming coffee table book entitled: “ICONIC people.”

Talking to her while walking to the location gave me ideas on who she is and I always do this before the shoot. I spend a few minutes with the subject before the session in order to have a rapport. She’s soft-spoken and really easy to work with.

At first she wanted to shoot in the studio but I prefer shooting on location because it makes people really calm in natural environments.

This was shot with a d700 and a 70-200 2.8 vr 2. I chose the 70-200 because it’s better in bright environments compared to the 85 mm 1.8. Aperture was around 4-5.6 in order to have my subject sharp and have the background out of focus. I shot this around 1 pm under some trees. We can’t really choose what time a client wants the photo but we can suggest which time is best. She wanted to get the photos done ASAP so asking her to come back next time isn’t the right thing to do.

I spent 3o minutes chatting with her and 15 minutes for the portrait.


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