Myth on UV Filter

I have always used a UV filter to protect the front element of my lens. But with my last shoot, I started to notice some ghosting when I shot with my 35 mm f2D with a UV filter on white background. I tried shooting without the UV filter and there’s a BIG difference in the photo.

Here’s the photo with UV Filter:

zoomed in at 100%

All shots are unedited/ converted to JPEG then exported out of lightroom.

Here are the photos without the UV Filter.

See the difference?

I will check on the brand of the UV filter when I get home and let you guys know. I only tested this with 1 UV filter so let’s not draw any conclusion yet. But make sure to avoid this brand when you’re out looking for something to protect your lens.


5 thoughts on “Myth on UV Filter

  1. Yes, you are right Sam, big difference between the two photos. Personaly, I prefer to use original Nikon NC filters as protection for the lens front where they have no effects on the quality of the photos at all, however Sigma UV filters give good results as well. As I know Hoya HD filters are good, but I used them as ND filters and they are not bad at all.

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