Patience leads to Opportunity

It all starts with patience. It often starts before a photographic assignment. Take the time to call your subject or invite them over for a cup of coffee in order to get to know them better. Use this opportunity to have a rapport, let them feel comfortable with you as a photographer.

Put in mind that most people have no idea what we’re doing. Most of them think you’ll just spend a little time, raise your camera, fiddle with your equipment and take a few shots then leave.

It’s not their fault.

It’s our responsibility to raise awareness and help educate people
we’re working with, of the time needed to get an effective image.

1) educate them that you’re going to be awhile together.
I often tell people I’ll need around an hour and usually, unless it’s a
business portrait (which they’re ALWAYS BUSY), people are open to it.

2) to have enough time for you images to be above the standards of the usual norm. Giving your clients mediocre images will only make you look like the rest of the photographers out there. develop a vision for unique images and your clients will definitely love you for it.

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