Work = Images You Show

The truth about clients is that you can’t choose them. They come and they go depending on what you shoot. I suggest you shoot what you love and those are the only things you should display in your portfolio. WHY? because having something you don’t like in your portfolio even if it’s really really good, chances are you will attract those that are looking for that type of images you display. So, putting images that you really love to shoot will give you more chances of clients hiring you for what you like to do. It’s a lot better than shooting something you don’t like. It’s fulfilling as an artist that people hire you for what you believe is your own vision and art than being hired to shoot images that you’re not excited with.

You can shoot other things aside from what you love to do as long as you don’t include it to your portfolio. WHY?  I’ll answer that with my next post.


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