52 : Assignment 2 Photograph a stranger

Assignment number 2 is all about strangers. It’s hard to get over that thought on how to approach strangers and take a portrait of them. Here in the UAE, It is rude to take photos of anyone without their permission. If you offend the wrong person (just by taking their photo) , you might even do some jail time for it. I know a few photographers who defended their rights as the took photos of people in public but still spent some jail time because of street photography.   Sometimes it’s even better to shut up apologize then leave. Than stand your ground and suffer jail time for the wrong reasons. I am not in a country where there’s democracy.

Going back to Assignment 2, here are the criteria:


– The person should be unknown to you.
– It can be a street portrait, studio portrait or environmental portrait.
– The portrait should be simply lit.
– Tell us a little bit about the person – through the image and the caption.

– Tell us how you approached and worked with the subject(s) for the project.I approached the guy and asked if I can take a photo. He then nods and stared at me. I didn’t ask him to smile or pose as I want is as natural as possible. 5 frames and I’m outta there. I know that the project should be Lit. But by preparing a lighting rig, I need to get  permission from local authorities and will cost me around $400 for just that. So I dropped the idea, and shot with natural light. Used a 35 mm Lens to get a part of the what he does into the frame. Looking forward to the next assignment.

*Project 52 is a year-long project created by Professional Photographer Don Giannatti .More info HERE


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