Winners: Improving strengths vs. Repairing weaknesses

I’m flying to Kuwait and Bahrain once again to photograph the winners of the makeover contest. This time with their rooms decorated with a value worth 10,000 AED or $3,000. The client didn’t like my first batch of photos of the BEFORE shots. They wanted variety of photos from lights on, lights off. Curtains open, curtains closed. With Flash and ambient. All these photos will be corrected in post production because of perspective distortions. There’s just too much work in interior photography and this might probably the last time I’ll do architecture/interior photography for clients.

I’ll stick to my Portraiture as I’m better at what I specialize in and to save me the embarrassment. Improving on my strength (portrait work) makes me a better photographer  than improving on weaknesses (interior/architecture). Constant repair of your weaknesses will take time and I’d rather spend that time to further improve my strength (portraiture work). We need to specialize in a certain field in some way. It’s a Cliche but the Jack of all trades is a master of none. This applies to photographers too.

So what is it that you specialize in?

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