Destination Wedding: Thailand (Day 1)

I’m in Changmai, Thailand for 4 days. It’s the grandest wedding I’ve covered so far. The Couple blocked/booked the whole Shangri-la This Indian Wedding lasted for 3 days. 3 Bollywood Artists to perform every night. Food and alcohol are available 24 hrs and the events company in charge of the whole event made sure that guests were entertained for the duration of their stay by adding side events like pool party, games, entertainers from jugglers to acrobats and a DJ to keep everyone happy.

There’s about 5 photographers and 3 video guys that covered this wedding but they’re more likely from your local photography studio just around the corner. They’re into the photography because of money and not because they love the craft. Their aim is to capture the wedding with awkward poses of bride and groom. They make sure that each person in the 200+ guests are in the photo by running around the area and asking them to pose for the camera. That’s what I’ve seen from how they do things.

I have high respect for professional wedding photographers but not the ones that would ask the bride and groom to re-enact the kiss or the cutting of the cake because they’ve missed that moment is not professional at all. They make me SICK.

Anyway, Let’s talk less of others and more of what I do. I’ve always looked up to photojournalist so I approach weddings as a documentary event. Attention to details, decisive moment, candid portraits, and a story in every frame is my foundation for documenting an event. Sometimes I don’t even raise my camera if the situation is not that of great importance with regards to the wedding.

This is day one of three and it’s already insane (in a good way) from all the things that can be captured in a colorful Indian Wedding.

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