Concert Photography: Philippines Celebrity-Singer Mona Arci Munoz of Philia Band

Concert photography is a very rewarding genre if you’re passionate with music and photography at the same time. Why? because you know when the artist is one with her craft, entices the audience, or in control of the stage. I’ll not talk about the technical aspects of photography (used 5d2 and 24-70 2.8 ver 1 for those who’d  like to know)  as I am more interested in sharing the psychological aspect of it. When you get into this field, don’t just point and shoot your camera at everything that moves, you’ll fill your camera with a bunch of worthless photos at the end of it. I want you to exercise your mental ability to know when the artist is one with her music. Look for the moment when she raise her mic at the end of the song, close her eyes as she hits the note, or when she does something out of the blue and has never done before. IT’s always about THE MOMENT. That is why you’re a photographer. You’re there to freeze a moment in time with the gear that you have. Capture that damn moment for crying out loud. I stayed there for almost 8 songs and never let the viewfinder out of my eye. I’m always on it like a predator waiting for its prey. STOP chimping. shoot moments.

Questions to ask yourself:
How would this artist want to be seen by her audience? Compose in a way that viewing the images gives more attention to her as a subject. Am I in the right spot? WALK if you can and check angles for different perspectives. Will this look good in black and white?  When WB has gone crazy. FORGET about other photographers who are there shooting, NEVER EVER compare your work or look small because of your gear. Focus.

Sharing some of my ideas when I took the image.


Adding space gives room. Audience will have an idea that she was walking from that space.


Slow shutter speed. Gives motion in a 2D image.


Negative space. adds to composition. Gives more focus to subject.


That moment. when she dances.


Entices the crowd.


The only time she posed like this.

mona-137Closes her eyes, hits the note. space to add to composition.


One of her signature.




Smiles with her eyes during one of her songs.

ighting is different yet dramatic.


Surf ROCK!


Entices the crowd.


Lighting. very dramatic.


Spot light. colour and contrast.





mona-468Does Gangnam and still look this beautiful.


mona-558-Editproof that I was there.


Socialize. Know the people behind it all. Special people that makes everything a success.

and lastly, never ever forget to have fun.


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