Failure is part of being an Artist


image:5d3 100mm 2.8 at f14 400
Profoto D1 Air in a 72 IN parabolic pro with with white diffusion from Phottix

Often times, we blast our subject with lights not knowing how to control it. I suggest that you focus with ONE light when you’re learning strobes. Mastering one light will allow you to work well with multiple lights later on. Know where the light will fall. study shadows. Use different lighting modifiers. It’s better to have one light and multiple modifiers than have a single small umbrella for multiple strobes. You wont master this overnight. It will take time. I shot professionally with an sb900 for 2 yrs before adding another light to my gear. i know it’s advantages and limitations. Due to this, I know the properties of my light. I know what the light will do if I crank the power to X or dial it down to Y. I know where the shadows will fall if I bring my light above the subjects head, from below or to the side.


image: 2 light setup -72 inch parapro with white diffusion overhead. 1 profoto softbox below to lighten shadowed areas. lower light at .5 stop lower than main light.

But that doesnt end there. To tell the truth, I’m still learning. I am forever at awe with photography and i will never stop learning.  You too will learn. IT will take time. You cannot know things overnight. There will be errors. lots of em. Treat mistakes as lessons, remember what works and play around it. rinse and repeat. It is only through failure that one will grow and succeed to become a better artist. 

Image shot with 3 ProFOTO d1 air
5dM3 and 50 mm lens.


4 profoto D1 with 10,20,30 grids shot on white BG


3 lights setup. 2 soft box and PHottix parabolic pro 72in umbrella with white diffusion


3 lights setup. 2 soft box and PHottix parabolic pro 72in umbrella with white diffusion


3 PRofoto D1 air. 2 softboxes and a 10* honeycomb grid

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