SAM&TIN 2017 – (Reception)

SAMTIN_RECEP 64Wedding photography is really stressful. A full day of shoot and probably a week to edit the images unless you’re outsourcing but you’ll have no control of how the images will look.

Since I’ve experienced the whole process of a wedding I can therefore say I am a better wedding photographer on my next wedding assignment. Why? because going through the planning, preparation, meeting suppliers and of course ensuring the bride that everything will go smoothly on the day is different from just saying it. When you get to experience it, you’ll be so much into detail, that making sure every guest has a photo at the end of your event, the buffet should have a photo as there might be guests sponsoring those and they’re not present on that day. Therefore, a photo will be the only way to see it. I have also experienced and now know what brides and grooms would like to see in their images. Candid moments. I believe there should always be 2 photographers on set – 1 for all the group shots and smiling photos; and just candid moments.
SAMTIN_RECEP 13This is the first time the bride and groom will be able to see what they paid for (Design,  flowers, centerpiece, photobooth) so you have to make sure you get a shot of those.

On my wedding, we weren’t happy with one of the suppliers. When we were on our table, we looked each other and said, ” Is that all we get from what we paid the florist? Damn, It’s not worth it, at all. what a ripoff.”


One of the things we were happy was our event coordinator, Dia Garcia, as she was able to fulfill our last-minute requests. She and her team was able to plan the whole event in probably just 2 weeks. We are based in Dubai and it’s hard for us to plan everything in the Philippines. I’ve been in Dubai for 9 years now so I have no knowledge with the prices and how the wedding industry goes. But with the help of an event coordinator, everything will be smoother. If you need one let me know as I’ll get you in touch with her team. I tell you, IT’s A MUST.

Dia Garcia – Event Coordinator

I would like to Thank our production team led by Mr. Henry Mamatlalo. They’ve been in the business for more than 10 years so they know what they’re doing. They provided Videography with SDE, PHOTOBOOTH with high quality prints, Photography and aerial coverage/drone. You can see more of the video HERE  or more from my previous post wedding prep. I am the one editing only because it’s my request as I want to have full control of all the images.

So need a photographer for your wedding? Let me know. I can refer you to them or if I’m available, I’ll gladly cover one of the much awaited event of your life.


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