Client + Spice = Nice!

Camera: A7r2
Lenses used: Sony 35mm 1.4 and Carl Zeiss batis 1.8
Lighting: Broncolor Move 1200
Modifier: Phottix Small octabox

Shot at around 3 pm- 6 pm in a hotel in Dubai. Client wanted outdoor images but at this time of the year, it’s impossible to shoot outdoors. Camera coming out of your bag from an air conditioned car will ruin your sensor because of moisture buildup and will take roughly 15-20 minutes in order for your camera to get rid of moisture that you’ll see on your lenses. Makeup will also melt and no way i’ll shoot outdoors in this kind of weather. It’s suicidal.

Tight shots are all with the 85 mm 1.8 Batis

Whenever I want to shoot the whole body I use the 35 1.4




The shot above is a little more tricky. Shot with the 85 1.8 with 3 stop ND Lee Filter to decrease background exposure  in order to shoot wide open at 1.8 and let light from my broncolor correctly expose the subject. This is the only shot outdoor (terrace).

That’s it for this set. Leave a comment if there’s any questions for this shoot.

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