Inside Burj al Arab

One of my photography students invited me for a tour inside Burj al Arab. I’ve been living in the UAE for 10 years now but I haven’t been inside this 7 star hotel. I promised myself that if the day comes that I am leaving this beautiful country that’s the only time i’ll visit the Burj. Since it’s an invitation and it’s free then why not go and see this one of a kind structure.

As you enter the hotel, you’ll notice the portrait of leaders of the country. You’ll find this in any hotel in Dubai.

Next you’ll reach the lobby where there is an assigned tour guide for each batch of tourist. We came in early as the afternoon tour is a lot more packed as tourist tends to wake up late.

Once they’ve done the head count, you’ll proceed to the next floor where the lifts are located.


BURJ 45Lift. covered in gold. BURJ 51Above image in an entrance to a restaurant.BURJ 52

Image below is how it looks like when you look up. BURJ 55

Image below is an entrance to the rerstaurant. Designed in 24 K Gold. BURJ 17

Everything is covered in gold. First part of the tour will take you to a show room which is one of their standard room that costs $2,000-$3000 a night. BURJ 44

Image below is a painting with gold. I told you everything here is in gold. BURJ 39

This is looking down at the main lobby of the hotel.BURJ 36

Looking up at all the rooms in the hotel.BURJ 29

Image below is the corridor leading to the showroom.BURJ 27

Room door.BURJ 30


Each room has 2 floors. BURJ 26BURJ 20BURJ 21BURJ 22


After the showroom, you’ll be taken to the lounge on the rooftop.


Image above. Entrance to the loungeBURJ 40

Image below. Glassware covered in swarovski. BURJ 47

I wasn’t able to look at the menu but according to my friend they serve a cocktail that’s worth $2500 per glass. Why? because it’s served with golden flakes. BURJ 46

Image below. left side view.BURJ 41

Rightside view.BURJ 48Lifts.BURJ 43

View from the the corridor looking down at the entrance.BURJ 38

A selfie is a must. 🙂 BURJ 35


The whole tour will last about an hour. The best part is when valet parked my car at the main entrance. YASSS!! felt like my car is worth millions. 😛

Gear used:
Sony A9
Lens: Sony 16-35 F4

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