All images from Sony A7r with FE Zeiss 55 1.8

And she said, “YES!!!”

A Valentine’s Day marriage proposal.

REVIEW SONY A7r. WARNING: contains high res images.

I got a call from Fullframe Magazine to review the newly released SONY A7r and was instructed to meet with Arpit and Heena from Sony Middle East. This got me excited getting my… Continue reading


In this business, you get different clients. Some will hate your work and other will love it. When a client comes back for more commissioned work it means you’re doing something that is beneficial… Continue reading

Collaboration shoot with Dubai-based fashion blogger


Photographs of Value

It’s one of the best feelings when a client comes back for another portrait session. It’s a validation that you’ve done a great job. They will look for your specific style over the… Continue reading


Mereyka is Toka’s best friend. View my post HERE for Toka’s images. They are inseparable. They’ve been together for years. In all of their social accounts you’ll see posts of Toka in Mereyka’s… Continue reading


Toka was one of my models from my workshop a year ago. It’s been a while since I shot outdoors and it was a great idea to contact people I have worked with.… Continue reading

Sukar Team Building

These are the people behind Sukar.com and SouqFashion. It’s the good times that makes you want to be with people you work with. Camaraderie is one of the reasons being in this company… Continue reading

Dhirani Boys


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